Infrared Sauna Therapy - Detoxification

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Keep in mind, a traditional sauna uses fire and depending on where you are located, this may not be available. If this is the case, the infrared version can be installed anywhere with electricity, including cars and even boats. With this option, you will need some additional accessories to provide such as fans, heaters, and blowers. You may also wish to use a portable vaporizer to cool your core temperature while you are in the sweat session, so consider these tips before you buy.

First, if you want to use an infrared sauna but do not have access to electricity, you may be able to use propane heaters or kettles instead. As you can imagine, these options are more expensive and harder to maintain, but they do work well in providing a light therapy that is similar to drinking gallons of icy water while soaking in the steam. Instead of spending thousands on the purchase of a regular steam bath, consider a quality Infrared Chromotherapy System that can save you hundreds on energy costs.

Additionally, an infrared sauna is great for detoxifying your system, eliminating harmful toxins, and relieving pain and muscle stiffness. The National Institutes of Health has even approved infrared sauna therapy for arthritis, cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, and other chronic health problems. The infrared heat emitted from the sauna activates light waves in the body that cause cells to release toxins, easing pain and burning sensation and stimulating healthy blood circulation.

Before you enter the sauna, ensure that you are fully hydrated by drinking plenty of water and taking into consideration a good eating schedule. Also, check your skin for any signs of overheating. If you notice yourself becoming red and achy in the first few minutes of the session, it is time to switch to another location. If you notice a rash or hives after the first few minutes, discontinue your session and contact your doctor. You may also wish to wear loose-fitting clothing to give yourself as much exposure to direct heat as possible without feeling uncomfortable. Some people even suggest that you avoid being around other people when using an infrared sauna since some people react to heat with irritation or even nausea.

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