Best Places to Visit in Alaska

5 Best Places to Visit in Alaska

best places to visit in Alaska

1. Denali National Park and Reserve- It is among the most popular tourist attractions in Alaska. Distributed in 8 million acres of wilderness, midway between Anchorage and Fairbanks. The park is the home of gray bears, wolves, reindeers and more than 160 species of birds have been spotted here.

2. Mendenhall Glacier- The Mendenhall glacier measures about 13 miles high. There are several different ways to experience the glacier, varying from a simple shuttle ride to see it from close or a helicopter ride to truly appreciate the absolute size of the glacier.

3. Kenai Fjords National Park- The national park is home to many large brown bears that feed on fat-rich salmon. Visiting Kenai Fjords National Park feels like stepping back to the ice-age era. Glaciers still exist and touch the edge of the ocean, creating beautifully dramatic and unforgettable views. The Fjords is the absolute home of so many aquatic wildlife, and you can easily spot migrating whales and birds sliding down to feed on the fish in the water.

4. Juneau- Juneau is the city capital of Alaska. It is a home of major attraction sites in Alaska like the Alaska State Museum, the Alaska State Capitol, and the incredibly cool Shrine of St Therese.

5. Anchorage- Although this city is not the capital of Alaska, it serves as the Economic Heart of Alaska; half of the state's population living in or around this city.

Most Exciting Things to do in Alaska

Alaska is a place full of wonders. Beauty and wildlife are the main characteristics of this place. Apart from these adventures is also an integral part of this place. Some of the best adventurous things to do in Alaska are:

1. Go Fishing at Ship Creek - One of the most typical and unique things to do in Anchorage is to go fishing. Anglers have spotted up to more than five species of salmon in local waters including king and silver salmon.

2. Enjoy Talkeetna Air Taxi - If you wish to explore the majestic Denali, its wilderness, beautiful glaciers, and mountain peaks, then the right way to do it is from the air. Talkeetna Air Taxi shows you one of the most elegant mountain landscapes on Earth from one of their ten safe and modern planes.

3. Learn about animals of the North - Reindeer Ranch is one of the best places to obtain knowledge about all the different animals of the northern region.

4. Enjoy primitive life at the Don Sheldon Mountain House - It is located so remotely, that it almost feels like another planet entirely. Living here is very primitive and old era type. You need to get your own wood and food, and for water, melt ice or snow.

5. Get On a Glacier - Over five percent of Alaska's state is covered by glaciers. Ruth Glacier whose peak is just three miles from the peak of Denali is challenging to get on. Yet, there are so many glaciers like Matanuska Glacier, Byron Glacier, Portage Glacier, etc. These glaciers are easily accessible and give you a new thrilling experience of trekking.


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