Know the reasons for denial for Canadian PR application

A Permanent Resident is someone who is not a Canadian Citizen but gets a Permanent Resident status by the Canadian Government. Permanent Residents do not have the right to vote or run for political office and hold the jobs that require a high-level security clearance, however, they possess the right to get health care coverage like Canadian citizens, reside, study or work anywhere in Canada, apply for Canadian citizenship, protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Student visa consultants in Ludhiana- Punjab, Delhi in Indiarevealed that PR holders have to pay taxes and follow all Canadian laws at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels. To keep your PR status active you must have been in Canada for at least 730 days during the last five years. Travel Journal is an easy way to record your tours outside Canada. You may download the travel journal application to help you recall your trips.

Unsatisfactory Medical Records

Canada opens doors for numerous opportunities for the immigrants when it comes to getting a Permanent Residency status but many applicants who apply for PR feel disappointed as they get their PR applications rejected for various reasons. There are many issues for the denial of the applications included the below-listed ones.

The Canadian government plans to invite 351,000 individuals to become Permanent Residents during 2021 and that number continues to rise.

· Disqualification

· Expiry deadlines

· Financial insufficiency

· Health record

· Criminal background

· False documentation

· Reconsideration not taken properly

authorized visa consultants in Ludhiana- Punjab, India


You must calculate your score in the CRS system for Express Entry and add all points that help you getting PR based on your age, education standard, official language proficiency, second official language proficiency, area of expertise, provincial preferences, and work experience in Canada. Moreover, applicants are required to prove that they possess sufficient funds to support themselves and their family members unless they can already legally work in having a valid offer from an employer in the country. Anyone can apply for PR in Canada but qualified persons will be accepted by the Canadian system. If you have studied in Canada and want to apply for a PR status then education visa consultants working in Ludhiana- Punjab, Delhi- India are ideal experts for you to guide you every step of getting PR in Canada successfully.

Missing deadlines

Immigrating to Canada is a lengthy process that involves various multiple verifications and checks. For a hassle-free process, CIC imposes special deadlines for the submission of the documents of utmost importance. If you delay in submitting the needed documents, it will result in a negative impression for the applicant. Failing to meet deadlines indicates your irresponsible conduct and lack of interest in your PR application. The authorities if find insufficient information they provide an opportunity to deposit supporting documentation within a specific period.To avoid missing deadlines you take the help of study visa consultants in Ludhiana- Punjab, Delhi, India to get your PR application to be filed on time.

Financial insufficiency

Each PR applicant has to show a certain limit of funds available to support himself or herself and his/her family for a minimum period of six months. The applicants need to show the funds in form of bank statements, fixed deposit plans, other assets. If an applicant could not show the required funds then his/her applications are refused to get processed.

Medical Issues

student visa consultants in India

Criminal background

The Canadian government ensures that their potential immigrants have a clean and reputed record and they will not be a threat to their societies. A police certificate, court transcripts, and other proofs linked with the conviction are needed to apply for PR in Canada, and immigration authorities trace your background from each country where you have lived over 6 months after you turned 18 years old. Your criminal background may become a threat to get PR in the country. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will consider full details about the criminal charges to declare if you are eligible to become a permanent resident. You may consult authorized visa consultants in India to check your eligibility to get a RP status in Canada.

Various violations like conviction in Canada of a crime with a possible jail term of 10 or more years, sentenced to more than 6 months in prison, fraud/theft over $5000, assault with a weapon, drunk or disorderly conduct, obstruction of Justice, possession of narcotic drugs, Credit Card offenses, uttering a forged document, DUI, and DWAI.

Misrepresentation of yourself for PR

Submission of fake documents for PR, intentionally or unintentionally, will not result well for you. It is a serious crime to lie or to submit false details or documents to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and doing so is termed as misrepresentation. You must not submit fraudulent documents such as Passports or travel documents, visas, educational transcripts-degrees/diplomas or trade papers, and certificates of birth/marriage/divorce/separation/annulment/police or death. If you do so then you may be forbidden from entering Canada for at least five years or charged with a crime or miss your status as a Permanent Resident. You may hire the experienced study visa consultants in Ludhiana –Punjab, Delhi, India to submit your PR application with care and genuine information.

Reconsideration mistakes

The Canadian officials generally give fair dealing to everyone but sometimes there can be an error for reconsiderations. You must hire an Immigration consultant to try to appeal for reconsideration of your PR status without resulting in rejections. Expect these above-mentioned reasons for PR rejection, incomplete applications, and non-fulfillment of required information are common reasons for the denial. Some applicants face rejection as they apply for an ineligible route instead of their qualifying route. Some applicants fill two or more forms for two or more provinces which are rejected finally. If you want to apply for a PR status in Canada but do not feel confident to submit an application form online due to lack of experience then you can approach authorized visa consultants in Ludhiana-Punjab, India to fill the form without mistakes and get PR status successfully.

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