Hormone Replacement Therapy May Help With Women's Sexual Dysfunctions

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, also called bioidentical hormone substitution therapy or natural hormone treatment, is the use of identical hormones on a molecularly identical level with naturally occurring hormones in hormone substitution therapy. This method of hormone treatment differs from injections of synthetic hormones because it substitutes the naturally occurring hormones with synthetically derived versions. Side effects and risks are minimal when compared to conventional hormone treatment and there are no known health risks when using bioidentical hormones. The methods used are primarily recommended for women who have hormonal imbalances or have conditions like fibroids and endometriosis that require hormone treatment to reduce symptoms.

Some of the conditions that doctors recommend the use of BHRT for include menopausal transition, gynecomastia, perimenopause, and many advanced conditions such as breast cancer. The doctor may choose to administer BHRT only during a particular time period in a woman's menstrual cycle. For example, a woman may be prescribed oral estrogen and progesterone therapy during her menstrual cycle. However, BHRT may also be used as regular oral medication. The doctor may recommend pre-menopausal women get BHRT at least twice per year; however, post-menopausal women may get it as often as needed.


Some physicians who practice within the field of endocrinology may recommend BHRT therapy as a means of providing women with hysterectomy relief. This is based on the theory that the use of estrogen and/or progesterone could help women in various ways. It is not known whether these natural hormones will increase the chances of women getting a hysterectomy or not, but they have been shown to help women physically and mentally in certain situations.

Some physicians may recommend BHRT as treatment when there are noticeable hormonal changes due to the addition of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. These doctors believe that women who have undergone hysterectomy or other significant medical procedures may benefit from art therapy as a means of improving libido. Women may feel less libido when there is significant vaginal dryness or if they have severe stress because of their changing hormones. Some of these side effects include mood changes and acne. Mood changes can result in increased sleeping problems and vaginal dryness. There are women who experience both symptoms and find that they can only lead a normal life if they have the hormones balance.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be in your best interest to discuss your treatment plan with your physician. There are some cases where BHRT has been used as an alternative to more invasive treatments such as IVF. Your doctor can help you determine which treatment plan would be best for you based on your hormonal imbalance.

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