What Is the Post Wedding and How to Organize One?

Although the wedding day is the most anticipated moment for the bride and groom, family and other guests, the adjacent plans involved are tasking. Who hasn't attended a pre-party the day before the famous "Yes I Do?" And then gone to celebration the next day?

Everything that surrounds a wedding is magical, so it is very important to take care of every detail. Although pre-wedding events are more common as reception and letter of introduction of the guests, today we analyze everything about the post-wedding. Once and a thousand times we say yes to this precious event. If you want to find out why keep reading.

• Best Day for A Post Wedding

wedding in Spain

Therefore, one of the best moments of a wedding is when the next day we comment on everything that happened on the big day. "Did you see that guest's super look?", "Did you meet the groom's cousin?", "How many dances did you have with the godfather?", "What a ride back on the bus, what laughs!" There’ll be countless comments that remind us of how much fun we had at the wedding.

In addition, the post-wedding is a perfect day for the couple to enjoy the company of all the guests. Surely you did not spend as much time as you would have liked to each of them, right? Well, the time has come for you to do it. Chat without rushing, enjoy without worries or nerves, and lose yourself if you wish. Post-wedding is always a much more casual event with family and closest friends, so you can literally do whatever you want.

• Organize Your Post-Wedding with The Best Professionals

If I have already managed to convince you to celebrate a post-wedding, you should know the many options you have. You can opt for a more organized celebration, with corners or food and drink stalls, themed decoration and a lot of care in every detail. Or you can opt for something more informal and prepare a paella, have a barbecue or a snack with friends. Food stations are very popular also and food trucks are a trend as you can have different trucks with sushi, hot dogs, burgers, noodles, pancakes and much more.

• Where to Organize the Post Wedding?

Spain wedding venue

If you had a more formal wedding, perhaps it is time to prepare something more fun. Depending on the time in which you celebrate your wedding, the post-wedding can be outdoors and include different activities, live music, swimming in a pool, games, boat party, picnic on the beach or just meet everyone at a beach club and spend a relaxed day there.

But wait! What if instead of repeating the celebration with the wedding guests, you finally want to dedicate a day to yourself? There is also the possibility of celebrating a perfect prehoneymoon in your post-wedding.

A good romantic plan that allows you to enjoy each other and above all to rest and recharge your batteries for the great trip that awaits you. It can be a romantic picnic, a nice photo session with a nice decoration on the beach or woods, a nice restaurant from Marbella center or just a spa and massage day. Whatever the plan, trust me I can organize everything you need; I promise that the post-wedding will be as beautiful as your wedding. So, what do you think about it?

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