Large File Transfer

large file transfer.

In order to transfer files that are larger than 1Giga byte, you need to use a USB cable that will connect with both your Windows and your mobile phone. But it can vary if you are using another method or device to connect with your computer such as an external drive.

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large file transfer

The most secure and effective method to transfer files is using iCloud or Google Drive. They both serve the same purpose for two different Operating Systems and that is to transfer files.

The basic steps to perform that is to upload the desired files, photos, documents, videos or any other format on either your iCloud (which is accessed by only Apple users) or Google Drive (which is accessed by anyone who owns a Google Account).

Once you have uploaded the desired file on your iCloud or Google Drive, you can access them from any web browser at any time and any place. Simply log in to your Google Drive or iCloud account and search for the file you want to transfer on your device, and click on “download” to download that file on the device you want it to be located on.

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