Days Gone Game Review

The story of Days Gone is one of the most clichéd topics in the entertainment world. Perform a dangerous experiment that leads to a zombie-centered apocalypse. A character who has lost loved ones along the way and a ruined world that reflects past events. We have seen examples of this over and over again in various works. If I were to compare the DG story with similar titles, it might be said that this work is similar to The Last of Us in all respects.

The narrative style of this title can be compared to the occurrence of an avalanche. Small-scale events happen slowly and eventually lead to a big event that will take the player with them. Along the way, Deacon Saint John, the main character of the story, will get acquainted with the margins of this person's difficult life and you will take care of them yourself. Part of this is due to the deep depth of the characters and part is due to their powerful voice acting.

Dizegan gameplay is one of the most important pillars of this work. First, we come across a title that takes advantage of the familiar mechanisms and features of Open World and Survival games. The formula was seen for a long time in other companies' products and was abandoned by them in this generation. Of course, throughout the map, there is not even a turret that you can open by climbing it and watching the environment. Instead, Days Gone encourages you to explore and adventure.

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