Heat Pumps in Waikato

heat pumps Waikato

There, the hot gas cools down and turns the phase into a liquid. Phase change removes a lot of heat from the air. This cold air is pumped back into the chassis and evaporator, pushed out by the fan, and then pushed down through the vents. The cold air then returns to the compressor to restart the process. Heat pumps Waikato cool the air in homes and buildings just like air conditioning systems, but they also have the advantage of being able to act as a heater. This gives homeowners a complete solution instead of separate heating and air conditioning systems.

Heat pumps work by moving air from one location to another as it flows in one direction from a hot location to a cold location. In winter, the air conditioning process is basically the opposite. It absorbs and stores heat, and the fan blows hot air into the house. The heat pump is also electrically heated, making it possible even on very cold days. They usually work best in areas with moderate year-round temperatures. In areas where temperatures don’t drop below a few degrees, a heat pump can save more money than an oven.

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At Comfort Group, we specialise in providing fully customised temperature control solutions to businesses. This includes transport refrigeration solutions, farm refrigeration solutions, and cool stores. We also install, repair, and maintain air conditioning systems in heavy machinery, plant, and tractors. Our clients also include homeowners as well as residential builders who come to us for residential heat pump, ventilation, and heat transfer solutions. This includes installation, repair, and maintenance. Plus, we replace, repair, and service air conditioning systems in all makes and models of car, van, ute, or truck. https://www.comfortgroup.co.nz/
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