What Is Obesity?

Medical science has progressed over the years, thanks to innovations and developments in the field. Today, you can find vaccines and treatments for all medical conditions related to illnesses and lifestyle. There are different transplants and surgeries to keep you healthy and fit. No matter which condition or disorder you have, medical science has the answer to all your problems.


What is the treatment?

Bariatric or weight loss surgery is an operation that helps you lose weight by making several changes to your digestive system. It makes your stomach smaller, thus enabling you to eat small portions of food. This surgery helps obese people who are either struggling to lose weight or have gained it despite exercise, diet, medication, etc.

It also helps patients with conditions like Type 2 diabetes or sleep apnea. There are many other cardiac problems associated with poor health and lifestyle. As you start ageing, it affects your daily activities and performance. Your heart is at the centre of the chest, protected by the breastbone and ribcage. It controls the blood circulation in the entire body.

How does the heart function?

The heart is a muscular organ that depends on oxygen-rich blood for normal functioning. The arteries carrying this blood supply to the heart muscle are coronary arteries. Sometimes, your blood vessels become narrow or get blocked by deposits of fat, cholesterol, and plaque. These can cause several heart problems, including heart attacks.

bypass surgery

How does the surgery happen?

There is a sternotomy incision to expose the heart by cutting the breastbone and underlying tissue layers. The incision is typically eight inches long, where the surgeon removes a portion of the blood vessel from your chest. They use it to bypass the specific blockage locations in the coronary arteries, thus creating a new blood flow passage.

The surgeon uses these transplanted vessels or grafts, depending on your condition. Some surgeons may operate on a beating heart, whereas others may need to stop it from functioning temporarily. A particular machine called a heart-lung machine would take over the job of circulating and oxygenating your blood, allowing the heart to stop.

Your doctor can safely repair the heart vessels without stopping the blood flow to the rest of the body. The whole process takes around three to four hours.

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