The UEFA Euro 2020 is just around the corner! From June 11, 24 teams will battle for the highest trophy in European soccer, but only one will come on top on July 11 at Wembley Stadium, in London.

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Reigning champions Portugal are amongst the favourites to win the competition. But Cristiano Ronaldo and the team will have a tough challenge against strong opponents like France, Germany, England or Italy. It’s always hard to predict the winner in such a stacked tournament. But one thing is for granted: At Betbarter, you’ll get full coverage of all matches, with over 200 markets to bet! Join us and celebrate big winnings in the biggest soccer competition of the year!

Euro 2020: All you need to know about the tournament

First of all, a match has 2 halves, each with 45 minutes. Occasionally, injury time is added to the full 90 minutes of the match, to compensate for delays with substitutions or other stops during the match. The 1st phase of the tournament is called the Group Stage, where all 24 teams are divided into 4 groups.

Each team plays a total of 3 matches against other teams in the same group, with wins counting 3 points, 1 point for the draw and 0 points for the losing side. The top two in each of the 6 groups will proceed in the round of 16 along with the four best third-placed finishers.

After the Group Stage, 16 teams will play the knockout stages. Here, if the result is a draw at the end of regular time, the match continues with the overtime (or extra-time) to decide who qualifies to the next round. The overtime also has two halves but only 15 minutes each, a little added time also possible.

If there is still no winner, the final result is decided with a penalty shootout. Following the Round of 16 are the quarter-finals, then the semi-finals and the Final, with the top 2 teams deciding who will be crowned European Champions!

Let’s now find the best markets for Euro 2020!

Find the best betting markets for Euro 2020

We understand it’s not easy to find the best betting markets among so many options, but we can help. In this article, we give you the top markets for Euro 2020.


This is the most popular bet of all. It is as simple as that. You predict the final outcome of the game at the end of the regular time. Who will win, the home team, the away team, or will it be a draw? You choose. Please keep in mind this bet is settled at the end of regular time, which is 90 minutes and injury time.

Total Goals

How many goals will be scored during the regular time? We offer many different lines on the total goals markets. Here is a little guide of what would happen in some scenarios:

Over 0.5:

Over 0.75:

Over 1:

Over 1.25:

We created a table for the different lines:

Handicap Markets  

One team has a virtual lead over the other side. A minus symbol (-) is given to the favourite team, which has a handicap disadvantage. A plus symbol (+) assigned to the underdog team, which has a handicap advantage. Let’s see how it works:




We have created a table that helps you understand the different handicap lines:

Draw No Bet

This is a bet where you can secure your bet. In case the game ends with a draw, you will get the stake back.


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