Post-COVID Assessment and Recovery Clinic

The onslaught of the novel Coronavirus has presented the world with difficult challenges compelling the healthcare industry for a more equipped structure of the healthcare facilities for the best of all.

Post Covid 19 symptoms

Shortness of breath, restlessness, fatigue, respiratory exhaustion, body pain, depression and anxiety are some of the most common symptoms prevalent in Covid 19 recovered patients. These symptoms have a high probability to transmute into incurable diseases if not diagnosed and treated properly on time. The medical fraternity continues to lay emphasis on correct measures for complete recovery from post covid 19 syndrome and the residual impact of coronavirus.

Patients suffering from chronic illnesses like cardiovascular dieases, diabetes, and kidney and liver diseases require adequate attention and constant monitoring to eradicate and developing symptom that may compromise their health in the long run if ignored.

Post covid 19 syndrome

For 30% of patients who have been hospitalized and under the care of ICU to treat the disease, oral swabs and blood swabs shall continue to detect and determine any residual infection.

Covid 19, SARS Cov 2 has been proven to damage the respiratory organs by thickening the lining of the lung tissues thus making it difficult for the patient to breathe. The thickening of the sacs of the lungs further restricts the expansion of the organ and also restricts the blood and oxygen flow. This causes shortness of breath and even lung failure. In medical terms, these symptoms of breathlessness, lung fatigue, breathing fatigue and respiratory exhaustion can transmute into pulmonary fibrosis or lung fibrosis, an incurable disease which leads to complete lung failure. It is therefore mandatory to restrict the impact of the virus and any underlying symptoms at the beginning only and seek appropriate therapy and medication to stay active and healthy.

Post Covid Recovery Program

Recommended by the Indian Medical Association, VLCC post covid programs are safe and conducted by medical experts and doctors.

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