A Gentleman's Dignity is shaping Korea's society!

Just read an article from SBS that I wanted to share with all of you... looks like AGD is not only entertaining, but is also playing a part in Korea's society too ================================= In Korea, the Ministry of Labour and Employment has asked for one of the scenes from Episode 11 of A Gentleman's Dignity. The reason for this is because the Ministry thought that this scene (the one featuring Dong Hyup) really helped to highlight the issues that Korea is facing about underage employment. They want to use this scene to highlight to the Korean public problems that underaged work brings. Apart from impacting the entertainment industry, AGD is also shaping the country and influencing the public positively. It's not only a drama that is widely-loved, but is also impacting the society. The entire AGD crew and team all feel super proud about this and feel a great sense of satisfaction. I'm proud of them too!!! I love AGD, and am happy to know that its more than just a frivolous drama. Spread the word guys and share this with friends.... Kdramas can be more than just pure entertainment! Dont forget to check out my page for more kdrama goodies (http://www.vingle.net/Luka)

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