How Much the Cost of Dental Implants?

The initial costs of dental implants are higher than removable dentures. Permanent

average dental implant cost

When it comes to dental implants, our patients often ask how much a dental implant costs. Our staff will be happy to inform you that the cost of a dental implant will vary for each person depending on your needs. We prefer to make an appointment and analyze your specific situation in order to give you the best possible assessment.

Why Dental Implants so Expensive?

Dental implants are the absolute best substitute for treatment failures and missing teeth. The 10-year success rate is as high as 98%. The type of metal titanium or zirconium placed in the lower jaw is completely fused with the jawbone to prevent bone decay and muscle atrophy, thereby preventing and solving the "sunken" and aging appearance.

Dental implant is also a very technical surgical procedure, which can only be done by experienced dentists and implantologists, oral surgeons or prosthetic doctors. The angle at which the implant enters the bone must be perfect, and as we discussed, there are many other parts involved. This is not like a filling procedure that you complete on the same day. Your bones and gums are exposed and it will take several months to fully heal. A process must be followed, and your recovery must be analyzed.

EON Clinics is the first choice for dental implants in Illinois, Wisconson, and Indiana. We provide affordable payment plans with comprehensive care in 5 convenient locations. Learn about dental implant costs with our free consultation.
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