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clinical research courses

What is Clinical Research?

Clinical research refers to all research carried out on humans (healthy or sick people). It focuses on improving knowledge of diseases, developing diagnostic methods and new treatments or medical devices to ensure better patient care. It is very framed and respects a precise study protocol and is only realized under certain conditions. It must:

· have the goal of increasing medical knowledge,

· be carried out by competent persons,

· take all necessary measures to protect those who lend themselves to research,

· obtain regulatory approvals and take all the necessary legal and ethical steps.

· collect the consent of those involved in research

It’s when a team of scientists and doctors tries a new medical treatment, drug, device, or method on a group of people to test how well it works. The purpose of a clinical trial is to find a new and improved way to treat, prevent, or diagnose different types of illness.In many cases the trial might be for something that is not yet available to the general population of people with an illness. Special allowances are made so doctors can learn more about how well a new approach works. They test the results against the best available current treatments with the goal of finding something better.This could be especially useful if you have a serious illness and have run out of effective standard treatments.Scientists first test these new treatments with laboratory experiments. Next, they try them on laboratory animals. Only when they deem them safe and useful enough in these early stages does a clinical trial start on people -- first in small groups and then in larger ones.

Career opportunities Clinical Research Courses

The degree prepares you for an international career in clinical research, or for an executive or advisory position in public health, clinical medicine, drug research or health-policy development.

You should fit each of the following criteria:

· You have a Bachelors degree from a school of medicine or biomedical sciences or a broad Bachelor’s education with sufficient basic subjects in medicine and/or biomedical sciences and/or medical biology.

· You have a good working command of the English language, both oral and written.

· If you are a medical student at Erasmus MC, you may apply for this Research Master programme, when you receive an invitation from the Dean, or when you feel you qualify for participation in this programme.


Clinical research trainings are given to every professional involved in the trial. Clinical research courses are continuously updated based on the disease and development of technology to ensure the complete safety of the participants of the trial.

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