Joseon Gunman releases captivating new posters

The upcoming historical drama series, Joseon Gunman, has just released really impressive posters that present the characters in beautiful and nuanced colors. The group poster leads with this promise, 'In this time of enlightenment, a man with a gun appeared.' Who else is that man, but awesome Lee Joon Ki, who came out of the military service in top shape while his personal charisma continues to shine from those mesmerizing eyes. Lee plays a 19th-century swordsman who picks up the gun as he embarks on a journey to revenge the death of his father and sister. Lee Joon Ki and Nam Sang Mi make a very attractive pair, and I hope the show won't forget to give us lots of romantic moment despite the title. Is true love a matter of chance or destiny? Watch the romantic melodrama Love Story starring members of K-pop group KARA. “I will protect you, no matter what…” Second leads Han Joo Won and Jun Hye Bin are both looking fabulous in their individual posters. Yoo Oh Sung plays a rival gunman. Fans already can't wait for the show, which is set to start on June 25.

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