Site Management Organization Survey

Site Management Organizations come in different shapes, sizes, flavors and colors. some are constituent parts of contract research organizations (CROs) while others are part of private equity-backed roll-up operations. Still, others may represent independent standalone operations. Some employ physicians/clinical investigators and do traditional site work (e.g. conduct studies) while many others oversee and manage the process. Clinical Research Courses

An organization that provides clinical trial-based services to a clinical research organization, a biotechnology company, a pharmaceutical company, or even a clinical site is known as a site management organization. The site is generally a hospital or a healthcare institution having adequate staff and infrastructure to meet the requirements of the clinical protocols.

The site management organization (SMO) is responsible for contracts, submission of relevant documents to the ethics committees and review boards, patient counseling, patient recruitment, site initiation and close-out operations, informed consent forms, patient follow-ups, making sure of protocol compliance, advising and alerting on various matters, archival of trial-related documents and their maintenance, regarding and taking suitable actions on multiple violations with respect to protocols, etc.


SMOs specialize in running clinical research courses sites. Outsourcing a clinical research trial to an SMO can help global pharmaceutical companies, especially in setting up a business as an SMO, will minimize their workload effectively and efficiently. Many numbers of hospitals, experienced and well-qualified doctors, large patient pool emblematizing chronic as well as infectious diseases, high savings in cost, and easy recruitment of patients are leading to become a lucrative hub for conducting global clinical trials.

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