What are the components of Loadrunner?

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LoadRunner works on the concept of recording and replaying the user actions and creating the wanted load on the server. It completely affects the real-world user's actions and it helps to identify the appearance of the software purpose or system by creating practical parts. The main steps include:

1. Scripting

2.Test Execution

3. Result Analysis

LoadRunner Components:

Micro Focus LoadRunner has the following elements:

Virtual User Generator or VuGen:

It can record the end-user business means and can design an automatic test line in the form of a programming language. The generated script is called Test Script or VuGen Script.

Load Generators:

These are the machines that produce the practical load as per the requirement. Load Generator is also used to simulate the geographical location of the users.


It can builds, maintains, runs, or monitors the load test. A controller can also be used for workload modeling.


The Loadrunner agent can arrange a connection between the Controller and Load Generator.


It helps to view, analyze and examine the results of load tests. The Analysis tool can display the result charts and statistics to validate the test against the defined NFRS. This tool can also generate a report based on the test result.

Why Load Runner?

1. A controller has a single point.

2. Can supports cloud and mobile performance testing.

3. Correction Methods, also can intelligent the auto-correlation feature.

4. Live statistics, the graph of client-side performance metric during the test.

5. To find the bottleneck, the Loadrunner also help to watch the network and server resource.

6. Easy for combination with APM tools.

7. A broad description of design's benefits in decision analysis.

Companied and Client have several choices for the special testing tool in the market.

1. The resource can easily available

2. Accuracy of the result

3. Strong support community

4. Data Security

5. No involvement of the Third Party

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