Is CBG Better than CBD?

Is CBG better than CBD

Is CBG Better than CBD?

To answer the question is CBG better than CBD one has to understand the features of both types and the benefits they give to the users.

• Both CBD and CBG have health benefits as they can be used to address various health issues;

• However, researches on CBD are much greater than CBG; and

• Extensive use and supply of CBG products have not yet started and CBD scores a point here over CBG making them more popular.

What is CBG?

Both CBD and CBG products interact with the receptors in human anatomy. Two main cannabinoid receptors in the body are-

• CB1 that is related to the nervous system in the body; and

• CB2 that is associated with inflammation.

These receptors regulate many functions like pain, inflammation, and appetites. Ethical CBD companies provide best quality products that give result at affordable prices. The non-acidic version of CBGA the CBG gets converted with time and temperature fluctuations. But in most of the cannabis plants the CBG contents are just 1% or even less.

CBD is Easier to Get

As more researches have been conducted on CBD in comparison to CBG the same is easier to get. CBD products are marketed in various forms. For instance; the CBD oil companies in New York are marketing the CBD oil derived from the main product. It is also recommended by physicians as the information on the types of CBD products and its derivatives are readily available. There are no such clear evidences on the usefulness of CBG and its derivatives.

CBG and CBD Approval

Main focus of suppliers like the CBD oil companies in New York is on preventing seizure. FDA in USA has approved the pharmaceutical grade CBD for treating severe seizure in children. Use of CBD can work well in treating anxiety as well as inflammation. Such established facts about CBG are yet to come. That is why the ethical CBD companies have not taken to marketing CBG products with same intensities. Moreover; approval of CBG products from FDA is not available.

CBG or CBD for flying

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