5 Reasons Why Uniform Workplace Learning is Key to Sustained Success in a Growing Organisation

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What is Uniform Workplace Learning for Growth and Why is it Important?

According to a report by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills in the UK, “employees will often receive different types of training during their employment. While training is delivered primarily in the safety and customer service brackets, it is a lack of consistent training that could cause some problems down the line for your organisation.”

To summarise, when there are various trainers and managers delivering training, it can lead to confusion in messaging. Hence, employees may end up misinterpreting the manager’s instructions. Therefore, finding ways to provide uniform training for growth is a challenge for almost all companies.

It’s true that when training is inconsistent, your employee could lack critical information about your organisation. Such information may include your company policies or ways of dealing with customers. Your workforce must be aware of your company culture. When you onboard employees, you must ensure to impart uniform training to enhance the entire learning experience.

To stress this fact, here are some more data. The same report states that “the percentage of workplaces that offered orientation training grew from 77% to 83%, showing the importance companies put on the onboarding process. If done incorrectly, your employee could have a knowledge deficit regarding your health and safety approach, thereby putting themselves and others at risk of accident, and your company vulnerable to legal suits.”

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5 Reasons Why Uniform Workplace Learning for Growth is Key to Sustained Success in an Organisation

Mitigate Weaknesses

Even your most detail-oriented employees can make mistakes, sometimes. What can we learn from it? You must realise that a mistake is not a failure unless nothing is learned from it. A uniform training program incorporates the learnings from errors across departments in its modules. Hence, employees across the company can hone their knowledge and skills. There is no discrepancy or gaps. You can provide your staff with a clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses. From an organisational perspective, it also minimises weak points and saves your business time and money by avoiding repeat mistakes.

Improve Job Fulfillment

Employees who have access to uniform workplace learning for growth and mentorship programs are more likely to feel valued, engaged, and loyal to your business. They feel accomplished when tackling new challenges and are eager to learn more and advance their careers.

Increase Employee Performance

Which would you rather have – a stagnant business struggling to keep pace with industry advancements or a forward-thinking enterprise with motivated and constantly improving employees ready to tackle new challenges? A team of competent people can give your business an edge over competitors with more resources and superior technology. Help your employees perform at the top of their industry, and your business will flourish.

Ensure Consistency

One of the significant advantages of offering uniform workplace training for growth is that you can be sure your employees are compliant with any legislation relating to the training topic. They will understand your company’s policies and their role within your company. Workers knowing where they stand, and more importantly, what is asked of them, is critical at the start of their employment.

Make Learning a Norm

A one-off, diverse set of employee training courses and seminars appears as a particular situation. Your learners feel that they need to suffer for a while instead of part of the regular workflow. But when you implement uniform training and make it a part of a longer talent development process, it becomes a common practice. Your staff can easily associate this long-running, consistent training regime with concrete career advancement opportunities. Therefore, they will be more inclined to participate in and pay attention to your learning program.

Rounding it Up: How to Incorporate Uniform Workplace Learning for Growth With eLearning?

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When your employees know and understand everything there is to know about your company, procedures, safety, and products; there is no reason to halt productivity. Consistent training is a feature of every company with high safety standards, and there is no reason not to incorporate it into your company. If you wish to know more about how eLearning can induce uniform learning, you can feel free to contact our experts at PlayAblo.

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