Tetanus in Dogs

You’ve heard of tetanus before—it’s the disease you need to get a shot for after stepping on a rusty nail, right? That’s correct, although the truth is that tetanus can occur from any kind of deep wound, whether it’s a nail or something else entirely. And our canine friends, too, are at risk of tetanus. Read on as your vet Downey, CA tells you more about tetanus in dogs and how you can keep your canine companion safe.

What causes tetanus?

Clostridium tetaniC. tetani

C. tetaniCheck with your vet clinic Downey, CA

What are the symptoms of infection?

Tetanus is also called lockjaw because of its main symptom: stiffening of the neck and jaw muscles. Other symptoms include rigid legs, muscle spasms, drooling, hypersensitivity to touch, light, and sound, difficulty eating or drinking, fever, and respiratory trouble. Without treatment, seizures and even paralysis can occur. Let your veterinarians Downey, CA know immediately if you spot these symptoms.

How is tetanus diagnosed and treated?

Laboratory tests like a full blood count, chemistry profile, and urinalysis will probably be ordered by your veterinary clinic Downey, CA. Electromyography, which records electrical activity in the muscles, is commonly utilized as well. A definitive diagnosis is usually made based on lab test results plus a visible wound or a history of a wound.

C. tetanitetanus treatment

There is a tetanus antitoxin available, made from the blood of horses or humans, that is sometimes given to dogs. It can be highly inflammatory to your pet’s immune system, though, so its use is still somewhat controversial. Ask your vet clinic Downey, CA for more insight.

How can I prevent a case of tetanus?

Prevent tetanus by keeping a close eye on your dog when they’re outdoors. Don’t let them come into contact with potentially infected material or sharp objects that could cause puncture wounds. These simple steps make a case of tetanus in your dog very unlikely. And be sure to ask your pet clinic Downey, CA for more tips.

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