Best Method to convert Excel to vCard format

If you are searching for the best methods to Convert Excel to vCard, then here I elaborate on all the possible methods. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the best and free manual method to convert Excel to vcf format. So, stick with this article to know the complete conversation.

We know that Microsoft Excel is one of the most famous applications to store large. Hence, a lot of users use Excel sheets to save messages, contact information because it saves in tabular form with specific areas. But there is one problem with Excel files is application-dependent, which means you can only start or open in Microsoft Excel or other excel related application. Another is vCard, the vCard file format is universally accepted by users. It stores the complete data of a person his/her (First Name, Last Name, Phone number, Email Address, etc.) Also, the vCard file is supported by many email clients and can be used on mobile devices. So sharing this file is very simple. Now, we know manual methods to convert Excel to vcf.

How to Convert Excel to vCard- Manual Methods

In this section, we will let you know How to convert excel to vCard format using manual methods. The conversion process is divided into three-step and follows the below steps:

Step 1: Convert MS Excel to CSV File Format

1.first of all, Start the excel file which you want to change

2. Hit on top of the office button

3. Pick the option Save as

4. From the dialogue box change the document’s format and choose the designation file.

5. Now, Hit on the ‘save button then finish this process

Step 2: Import All Contacts from CSV file

1. Hit on the Start button and then go to the windows search bar and type Contacts.

2. Now, Choose the Contacts Tab from the displayed result.

3. Pick the Import option listed on the top ribbon bar.

4. From the ‘Import to Windows contacts’ tab choose the CSV file & hit on the Import button.

5. After that fill the file path or browse the file location & hit on the Next button.

At last, hit on the Finish button.

Step 3: Export Excel Contacts to vCard Format

1. Once again moves to the Contacts folder by searching “Contacts” on the window search bar.

2. Presently, hit on the ‘Export’ button & pick the file format as vCards

Simply, hit on the Export button.

3. Afterward, browse the destination location to save the vCard file

4. Once it is done then hit on the OK button to convert Excel to vCard without software

Limitation of the Manual Method

Manual methods are a very time-consuming process.

It converts Excel to vcf in three steps.

Require genuine users.

Professional Method

Excel to vCard Converter


The above process gives you possible methods/Solutions to convert excel to vcard Format. that have been mentioned above. You can opt for expert software in the place of manual measures if any issue occurs. Hopefully, you had a proper understanding of this blog.

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