E-mail Marketing: Advantages

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Communicate more effectively with your customers

Difficult to reach an audience that is increasingly physically distant from your business and not to be overwhelmed by the number of businesses, offers, and products available on the internet. In the past, merchants knew each of their customers and could personalize their communication by taking into account information related to each person. But with the emergence of distance selling and the explosion in the use of the Internet, it is unthinkable to be able to maintain privileged and personal contact with each client or prospect, whether in B to C or in B to B.

Send the right message to the right person

Obtaining the contact details of your contacts in an opt-in way has become essential to be able to set up an effective emailing campaign. By using targeting and segmentation techniques, you can send the customer or prospect the message that is most relevant to their information. Note that with the explosion in the use of smartphones, e-mailings must also be responsive (email marketing automatically adapts to the size of the screen) in order to be able to be viewed under conditions ideal.

SMS marketing, a new way of communicating

Marketing emails or SMS marketing for commercial purposes are an efficient e-marketing solution to be present in the daily life of the person without being intrusive. The recipient can view the message when they want and can come back to it when they have more time, which is much less obvious with telephone sales campaigns that grab the customer at a potentially inappropriate time.

Build loyalty with relevant content

With the flow of information, we receive every day in our email inboxes, it's easy to guess that email marketing that contains information of little interest to us will quickly go to the trash. It is therefore essential to use an emailing solution in order to personalize the emailing with the name, first name, a personalized offer, or even a product consulted allowing you to prove to the customer that you pay him attention. Likewise, marketing automation sends an email at the right time such as trigger marketing inviting a private sale, a voucher to celebrate the birthday, or even send a loyalty voucher to be used before a predefined date.

Extend the panel of contacts

Emailing routing is very relevant to prevent your email from being automatically directed to the spam section of your customer's email box. So as not to end up in the dungeons of the web or directly in the trash, emailing software allows you to pass more effectively the anti-spam filters put in place to reduce unwanted messages. It's about avoiding the pitfalls and showing the legitimacy of your email marketing.

Inexpensive marketing action


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