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Based on the Toyota Prius, could Toyota Majesty that is powered by  hydrogen braze a new path in automotive industry?

Toyota Majesty

To give you an idea, the 2022 Toyota Majesty is almost comparable to the Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan if you look at the aspect of the car's appearance. Both cars have a wheelbase of 2920mm and an overall length of 4975mm, with the Toyota Majesty being about 20mm longer. this is in large part because the Toyota Majesty uses the Toyota Group's GA-L chassis, which comes from Toyota's new Global Architecture Family, making it a close cousin to cars such as the Lexus LC and LS.

The new generation of the Toyota Majesty enables a switch from the previous front-wheel drive platform to rear-wheel drive. Toyota says this is to meet consumer demand for a sportier and more spacious car. The new generation of Toyota Majesty can accommodate five people effortlessly. From Toyota's official declaration of the new mod, we can see between the lines that this car is more or less prepared to achieve zero emissions from the car. Especially in California, the zero-emissions car will allow Toyota to attract more customers who will no longer hesitate to choose between the Tesla Model S and the Toyota Majesty.

Under the slim exterior of the Toyota Majesty is a new hydrogen fuel cell. The hydrogen fuel cell converts hydrogen gas into electricity through a generator. As the hydrogen passes through the 330-cell fuel stack, it generates up to 128kW of electricity, whereas the previous mod had a 370-cell stack that produced 114kW of electricity.The fuel cell bank runs constantly to keep the system fully energized. There is also a small battery on the car, but basically it holds enough "just in case". The official name for the hydrogen fuel cell is FCEV, or fuel cell electric vehicle.  While hydrogen has been used as a combustible fuel in the past, that's not the case here. Like pure electric vehicles, the motor is driven through a single-speed reduction gearbox, but unlike the high power output claimed by most next-generation electric vehicles, the Toyota Majesty has a system output of 134kW and 300Nm, with a sprint time from 0 to 100km/h of 9.2 seconds. These figures are very conservative, but ensure great safety.

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