Thuja 30

SBL Thuja 30 Occidentalis Dilution is a homeopathic solution for skin inconveniences like moles. It can likewise be utilized to treat adolescent skin inflammation and outgrowths on the skin.

Key Ingredients:

Thuja Occidentalis

Key Benefits:

Astounding for treating moles on skin and private parts

Helps in treating adolescent skin inflammation on the face, back and neck

Helps in battling skin problems like rashes

It is helpful in constant conditions

Bearings For Use:

Take 10 drops of weakening down the middle cup of water threefold every day or as coordinated by the doctor

Wellbeing Information:

Peruse the name cautiously before use

Try not to surpass the suggested portion

Keep out of the range of youngsters

Use under clinical watch

Store in a cool dry spot away from direct daylight and warmth

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