The Justice Of Kurulus Osman To Both His Wives

kurulus osman is a Turkish Historical dramatization brodcasted on AVT. the arrangement center around the existence of Osman 1. originator of the Ottoman Empire. Turkish game plan Kurulus Osman tolerating another turn as the top of the Kayi faction Osman bey marries Malhun Hatun, and the concern is whether Osman's first love, Bala, will lose importance in his life.

Osman Bey is the most young offspring of Ertugrul Ghazi (father of the Ottoman Empire) and Halime Sultan.

The coordinator of the Ottoman Empire, Osman, was intrepid and skillful, and kept one next to the other in his tasks as a result of his unfailing psyche and sponsorship from his trustworthy champions (Alps). He vanquished different castles and metropolitan regions, squashed risky enemies and left a suffering legacy for the state.

Bala Hatun is Osman's warmth interest and the light of his tent. In any case, she was unable to give Osman a recipient in view of a blade wound which made her unproductive. In any case, for a recipient to the express, the social event of two groups and to fulfill his father, Ertugrul's will, Osman marries again, which is beyond question a marriage of convenience.

In the past scene, it was shown that Malhun Hatun is pregnant with Osman's youth. Fans continue to consider whether Bala will lose her importance in Osman's life after he gets the eagerly awaited news from Malhun.

kurulus osman season 2

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