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The Brutus "Eid Mar" Denarius, 42 BC

Going back to the assassination of Julius Caesar, this coin marks a representation of Brutus on the front or the obverse of the coin. On the back, there is a pileus - also known as the cap of liberty that is surrounded by two daggers. Those daggers were used for the assassination, and hence these coins are a symbol of that era.

The Athens Decadrachm, 460-430 BC

This coin was manufactured to celebrate the victory of Greeks over the Persians during the Battle of Thermopylae, Battle of Marathon, and Battle of Platea. These victories were one of the milestones of during then, without which the history of the west would be completely altered. The coin is made of silver from the mines within the city of Athens.

The Decadrachms of Syracuse, 400-390 BC

Numismatic Art was at its finest during the 5th century on the island of Sicily. The many cities of this island fought to build the best quality silver coin. This antique set of coins has the Kimon Decadrachm, the Syracuse Demaraeteion, and the Arethusa Facing Head Tetradrachm. The coin is engraved with the water nymph flanked by four dolphins on the front side. On the back, it marks a quadriga that is a four-horsed chariot that symbolizes Syracuse's four tyrants. There's also a Nike flying right above the quadriga.

The Akraga Decadrachm, 411 BC

This coin is very rare since only a few of them exist. It's a part of the Sicily Island coins longing back to the 5th century. It was produced to commemorate the victory of an Olympic chariot race during 411 BC. It is engraved with Helio- the sun god riding in his chariot. There is a crab below depicting the sea and an eagle for the sky.

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