Why Choose Ruby on Rails for App Development?

Many of the world's most powerful companies use the robust web development platform. Shopify, GitHub, Basecamp, Crunchbase, Dribble, Bloomberg, Airbnb, and Fiverr are only a few of the companies that use the platform as part of their technology stack. Here are 5 more well-known websites that use RoR as a backend technology:

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Since its inception in August 2004, the framework is mature enough. However, as the Ruby on Rails roadmap gets things done much faster than other frameworks, businesses still prefer to use it. This is why Ruby onRails is so popular with modern businesses as well:


Ruby on Rails popularity has increased because of its simplicity. Developers can easily write, read, and edit code. The execution is fast, and the interface is simple. The programming language Ruby has a syntax similar to that of English. So it's easier to write code and fix errors.



Third-Party Integration


Rapid Application Development

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Affordable Framework

Ruby on Rails framework


Ruby was in the top 10 paid programming languages for 2020. It took 6th place right after Elixir. It is one of the Programming languages that pays an average of $75,000 per developer. Therefore, demand will increase over the next few years, as companies want to offer digital transformation at an affordable price.

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