Supertramp Trampolines for Sale in Toronto

The current Super tramp has a 10ft by 20ft bed!

Read more about this amazing product under “10×20 Dave Ross 1 string bed”.

Both the pit frame and the free standing frames do not fold.

Frame pads are 4” thick tapered pads made with two foam layers for optimal impact absorption.


The super tramp is an exceptional product that can only be purchased at Rebound Products. I find this ‘tool” indispensable today for the fastest development of technical level and difficulty. It’s a great way to learn acrobatics and skill combinations, while minimizing the physical constraints of today’s trampolines (4x4mm bed).

Rebound Products is an authorized trampoline and trampoline equipment dealer. We produce and supply complete trampoline units, springs, accessories, beds and mats.

Our commitment to safety, quality and continuous improvement have helped us earn a reputation for credibility and longevity across Canada, the United States and around the world. We are a trusted dealer of national and international equipment. In fact, Rebound Products supplied all of the trampolines for 2 World Trampoline Championships.

Rebound Products History

Rebound Products was born out of a passion for helping athletes achieve their goals and continuing to set new standards for equipment regarding both safety and performance.

With roots dating back to the late 1970s when Rebound Products owner and Olympic-level trampoline coach, Dave Ross, was competing, we proudly support dedicated athletes and coaches training to achieve their goals in national, international, world and Olympic competitions. He pioneered the 4-corner bungee system and was the first athlete to do 10 triples in one routine.

In addition to owning and operating multiple businesses, Dave Ross is an Olympic-level coach. One of his current athletes is Rosie MacLennan, a two-time Olympic gold medallist, and the only trampolinist in the world to defend an Olympic title.

Rebound Products’ trampolines and trampoline equipment are used at professional gyms and training sites for various sports, including trampoline, diving and snowboarding. Dave Ross and his team at Rebound Products have spent years researching, designing and testing trampoline equipment in search of advances in performance, safety, quality and durability.

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Rebound Products


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