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The line graphs detail average monthly expenditure British parents invest on their children’s sporting activities and the number of children participating in football , athletics and swimming between 2008 and 2014.

It is noticeable that the increasing number of children taking part in sport activities is accompanied by an upward trend in parents’ average spending. Over the period, football was significantly more popular than swimming and athletics.

Over the six-year period, parents’ investment on sporting activities of their children experienced a steady rise from 20 pounds a month in 2008 to over 30 pounds by 2014.

Regarding the number of participants, football ranked first throughout the time surveyed. Starting with roughly 8 million, the figure remained relatively stable with a minor fluctuation up to 9 millions at the end of the period. Swimming and athletics were two sports with initially low number of participants of below 2.5 millions. The figure for swimming sharply rose to 4 millions whereas the subject of athletics, despite no change between 2008 and 2010, saw a significant rise to almost five times of its starting value (5 millions).

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