Book vs. Movie: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

I had incredibly high hopes for this movie adaptation because I have been a long time fan of John Green's writing, and I heard that he became very involved in the adaptation process. Because of this, I was really certain that the movie would capture all the best aspects of the book for the big screen. And I was not disappointed at all! Though there were a few inevitable changes to make the book work on screen, there were no changes that I felt altered the raw emotion and inspiring story that the book carries with it. I think the reason this didn't happen was because the author was so involved in the adaptation process: he didn't want Hollywood to sanitize the book. Instead, the lead female romantic character carries around an oxygen tank and has tubes in her nose for the whole movie. This story about cancer, grief, friendship, love and more retained its essence. And that's why I loved the movie! The changes that I noticed were minor: Gus picks her up in limo before going to Amsterdam in the movie; in the book she picks him up and here's him arguing with his mother. Two characters--Kaitlyn and Caroline--are not present in the movie, which does lessen the depth of the story, but I can see how their presence would complicate the story unnecessarily in a movie format. Overall, I super highly recommend the book and the novel! You should definitely read the book first, but I also really think that you should see the movie!

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