Reasons Why a Real Estate Agent Is Still Needed

The recent growth of services that assist homebuyers and sellers in completing their real estate deals may have you questioning whether consulting a real estate agent is still evident. While performing the process yourself will save you money on commissions that almost every real estate agent charge, for many people, going it alone is not the best option—and may end up costing more than a realtor's charge in the long run. Purchasing or selling a home is a significant financial and emotional commitment. In this blog, learn why you shouldn't rule out the possibility of hiring an agent.


The full-time work of a real estate agent in Hong Kong is to operate as a middleman among buyers and sellers. It implies he'll have easy accessibility to many other properties marketed by other agents. The buyer and seller agents both are full-time real estate agents who know what it takes to negotiate a deal. For instance, if you want to buy a house, a real estate agent will search for homes that suit your criteria, contact the sellers' representatives and schedule appointments for you to see the houses. On the other hand, you'll have to play telephone tag yourself if you're buying on your own. It can be especially tough if you're looking forsale-by-owner properties.

Contracts can be difficult to manage.

The offer to buy contract is meant to protect you and ensure that you may back out of the deal if certain requirements aren't met if you intend to buy or sell a home. For instance, if you want to buy a home with a mortgage but neglect to finance one of the sale conditions—and you aren't accepted for the mortgage—you might lose your deposit and be prosecuted by the seller for failure to achieve your mortgage part of the contract.

An expert property agent Hong Kong is knowledgeable about which conditions should be used, when they may safely be withdrawn and how to use the agreement to protect you, either you're buying or selling your house.

Not everyone can save money.

Many individuals avoid using a real estate agent just to save money, but bear in mind that not paying commissions is unlikely to benefit both the buyer and seller. If you're selling your property on your own, for instance, you'll price it primarily on the sale prices of similar houses in your neighbourhood. Many of these homes will be sold with the guidance of a real estate agent. It implies the seller keeps the portion of the home's selling price that would have gone to the real estate company Hong Kong otherwise.

Final Thoughts

While some people are qualified to sell their own houses, a short glance at the large list of commonly asked questions on most "For Sale by Owner" websites reveals that the procedure isn't as straightforward as many people believe. And having a specialist on your side can be beneficial when you find yourself in a difficult circumstance.

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