How Stem Cell Treatment in India Used in Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy affects so many children every year in the world, also this is the most common disability health issue in children. Causing a wide range of physical disabilities like difficulties in coordinating movements, and walking. There is no permanent cure for these health issues, but stem cell therapy is on the research to find more effective solutions. Let’s find out more about this disability and its treatment.

What is Cerebral palsy?

This is a group of mental and physical disabilities that causes damage to the developing stage of a child’s brain. This can happen during pregnancy or just after birth. In several cases, the damage source remains unknown. Children suffering from cerebral palsy have difficulties in controlling their eye movements, moving, eating, and speaking. Some patients have learning difficulties.

Stem Cell Treatment in India

The Treatment Process:

Stem cell therapy is to repair the damaged nerve cells. Although there are studies that indicate the benefits of this therapy, it will be safe to understand that there are no medically approved treatments for cerebral palsy. There have been several trials in reputed medical institutions investigating the effects of cell injection into the brain of a child suffering from this disease. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any successful list of results in children. However, the studies are still investigating the potential cells to repair the brain damage in the patients.


Stem Cell Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

Stem Cell Treatment in India

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