Easy divorce in Washington

Contrary to what you might have heard, the state of Washington offers easy divorce. If you've been married for any length of time, you're probably aware that it can be an expensive and difficult process. However through the collaborative process of divorce, two yeilding, self-aware individuals can find a way to get through this litigation upheaval in a more positive, and less adversarial manner.

Washington has recently made it easier for married couples to get divorced. This is good, in a way, because easy divorce was long overdue. The inherent risks of marriage are much greater than the government was letting on. Anyone who's ever been married and then gotten divorced knows that it takes an enormous amount of work to make a long-term marriage work out. Too many people never realize this, because they don't have the right frame of reference -- they're too young, for one thing. But

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Get divorced in Washington

Washington is a place for people to get married but also to get divorced.

When I tell people about my research into divorce they offer to help. They send me printouts from state government websites and emails from friends. It turns out everyone has a story about a friend of a friend who got divorced in Washington.

The right way to look at divorce is through the eyes of both spouses. The law should be based on what is right for them, not on what makes things easier for lawyers. And it should give them the same thing no matter which of them filed first. This isn't how our laws work, as I discovered when I took on this project. We have a lot of outdated laws, including one that dates back to 1891.

Normal people think Washington state has an easy divorce law.  They are wrong.  On December 5th, 2016, I filed for divorce.  The judge granted the divorce on August 1st 2017.  That's more than six months this country promises to give people to resolve matters in a reasonable amount of time.

Washington's no-fault divorce

Two years ago in Washington state, the legislature passed what was then a radical and innovative law giving people—or, at least people in long-term marriages—the option of an easy route out of broken marriages. If you and your spouse agree on a division of property and debts, and you can certify that the marriage is irretrievably broken, either party can file for divorce in just 90 days.

Washington's no-fault divorce law makes it easy to get a quick divorce. Consequently, most divorces in Washington are for reasons of "irreconcilable differences" rather than infidelity or abuse.

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How long to wait to file for a divorce or dissolution of a civil union? Here are the requirements for Washington State. And read my easy divorce blog post here .

Ending a marriage is getting easier and easier not just in Washington, but in many other states as well. The reasons for this trend are multiple, but there's a common denominator: money. The simplest way to get out of a marriage is to separate. (And separation has been generally been no-fault since the 1960s.) When one person tries to force another person out of a marriage against the wishes of the other, it might involve court battles for years.

" if the parties are able to come up with a completely agreeable way of dividing up their shared assets and liabilities in a way that works for both of them, they should be able to file for an uncontested divorce.

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