10 Tips For Being a Same Gamer

Games that are found on your cellular device or computer are a great way to relax after a long day. They can sharpen your mind and help you pass the time as you learn how to master them. Samegame is a puzzle game that can encourage you to concentrate as you strategize how to remove the groups of blocks from the screen. Here are a few tips to be a Samegamer.

Research the Rules To Play

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Find a Version That Is Easy To Play

user friendly

Ask For Advice


See What The Experts Recommend

You can also look on gaming blogs and websites to see if they have ever written about this application. There is a wealth of information that you can learn from these pages on this activity and many that are on the market for you to explore. 

Pay Attention To the Board

Now that you have started a game, watch the action closely to determine what your next move will be. There are many options available to you to win the level. Locate the groups of blocks that you must tap away, but be aware of where any extra cubes will be when they fall to the bottom. If they look like they will be isolated when they reach their destination, think if there will be a better option if you choose another section. Plot a few motions ahead before you make a final decision and click on the screen. Do this with every turn until you win and it progresses to the next puzzle. 

Take Notes On Your Progress

Challenging levels might take extra time. Make note of what motions you did make and what worked for you. You can write these thoughts down in a notebook or take a screenshot on the device that you are using. Compare what was successful for you versus what decisions were less than ideal. Use what you have learned on your next game then revisit what you have discovered after your next turn. This strategy will help you with the level you are on at the time and future ones you will be getting to shortly.

Get Plenty Of Practice

If you lose a match, start another one and try again. The more that you play, the easier the game will become to you. You will decipher parts of the puzzle that you had trouble with before and you can take that knowledge on to other levels. Doing this strengthens your mind and assists you in thinking through situations in your life outside of the application. Be sure to practice Samegame in your free time instead of when you are at work or school and should be concentrating on another topic.

Talk To Others About the Game

Ask your friends and family if they play Samegame and what their thoughts are about it. Compare notes and tricks to solve levels. If you have a particular part that you are having issues with, they may be able to walk you through it and assist you in completing it. You can also chat with other players online to find out their feelings on the application. They can recommend certain versions of the puzzle that might be better than the one that you use. You can compare your progress as well as offer help to each other. Doing this lets you build friendships with others over something you have in common.

Inform Others About How You Feel

Once you have played for a while and have finished multiple levels, you can share your expertise with the public. Write a blog post or two about what you know and allow others to chime in with what you have to say. Set up a chat group to compare strategies with others and offer help. Record yourself playing while explaining what you are doing and post it online for others to find. These methods allow you to share your love of the application while teaching others what you understand.

Look For Other Games Similar To It

To improve at this game, look for other puzzles like it to challenge you. Learning these activities will improve your thinking skills and help you see specific solutions to a level. You can in turn use this new knowledge to finish levels in Samegame that you are struggling with. You can use what you learned and apply it to this application in hopes that you will find success with it. Search on the online store for similar apps and download them. This way you can try them and see if they are something that you wish to continue with. If it is far from interesting to you, delete it and go back to what you were working on before. Playing electronic games on your cell phone or computer can strengthen your mind while you kick back and relax. Being a Samegame player lets you clear blocks as you try to solve the level. Practicing daily as well as asking for help can improve your skill and make completing the puzzles much more enjoyable for you.

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