Electric Chain Hoists should always be procured from reliable source

In many sectors including construction, manufacturing, factories, and warehouses or even in conservancy, there are requirements to lift or move heavy loads. When it is not possible for people to move these loads, lifting equipment needs to be used. They help move goods efficiently, save time, cost and casualties.

A hoist is one such equipment required to move, lower or lift heavy goods. They are either manual or electric. We shall talk briefly about electric hoists here.

Electric chain hoists help lift / move heavy loads quickly and efficiently. They are easy to operate, assure enhanced accuracy in lifting loads, make less noise and require much less effort than the manual hoists. They can be used to move loads in any direction.

The shell is made of light aluminum alloy that is both light and hard and useful in high temperatures. These hoists stop automatically when the weight exceeds.

An electric chain hoist helps prevent any damage. As with all such equipment, the electric chain hoists should also be maintained well. They should be inspected and certified by a third party. Done regularly, it will showcase any damage that has happened, will point to any possible damage and help tackle all on time. Periodic maintenance and servicing should be done. Dutest takes care of all these requirements under a single umbrella. It manufactures, supplies, provides certified third party inspection services and maintains and services all such lifting and safety equipment. Dutest provides best solutions for all requirements from procurement to maintenance of lifting equipment.

Workers need to be trained to handle all such equipment well. They should know how to use and store them after every use and also know to identify signs of wear and tear.

It is important to source electric chain hoists from a reliable source and Dutest supplies best range of certified electric chain hoist in the UAE and is considered as one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality safety and lifting equipment in UAE.


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