How to Join Official Kpop Fan Cafes

After you have joined Daum (, you can now visit your favorite members' groups and begin the process to join their official cafe! The process for every group is different, but the basic steps are the same. Follow the images above and tutorial below to begin to learn how to join a fan cafe! +1. Go to the general "fan cafe" page ( of daum cafe and look for the group you want to support by joining their cafe. (Image 2). +2: Find the button on the group or artist's homepage under the groups name, and numbers which is in a red box in this image. (Image 3). +3: Fill out the information as shown on the image. If the information for your group seems to be in a different layout (which at this step is unlikely) try searching for their fan blog on tumblr to find a tutorial for that specific group. (Image 4). +4: Fill in the security letters and click the button on the left. +5: This page means that you have joined the cafe! (I used Beast for this tutorial, haha). See Image 5. +6: After joining the fancafe, you still might not be able to view all content on the site. In order to do this, you might need to "level-up." Every group has a different level-up procedure, and typically it involves answering some questions about the group. To find a level-up tutorial, search your groups name and the words "level-up tutorial." Look for one posted within the last 4 to 6 months, as these level-up procedures can change often!

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