Voting for M! Countdown

There are multiple areas you can vote for M!Countdown, and it's pretty easy to do so! Follow the steps below to vote for your favorite groups ^^ M!Countdown General Site +1. Go to here: ( +2. You need to have an account. To create an account, click “Register” in the top right hand corner and follow the instructions to make an account. Registering via twitter seems to be easiest. +3. Scroll down and find your group and their album. You can view the page in English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, etc. +4. You may vote once per day per registered account. M!Countdown Korea You can also vote here with the same account! +1. Go here: ( +2. Just look for your group's album. +3.Click the check box next to it. +4. Check the big box at the bottom! And that's how you vote for M!Countdown!

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