10 Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Sooner

The internet was born out of this, it's a treasure trove of rich information, where you can learn things your parents never taught you (or you weren't interested in learning at the time). ) such as how to manage your expenses, how to iron clothes without leaving iron marks. In short, all the resources students need are available on the internet.

Here is a list of useful foreign websites that provide useful information for students to make your life easier.

EBIV1. General website for students


định nghĩa là gì

2. MentalFloss.com

While it's basically one of those websites that wastes student time, MentalFloss is still good for learning interesting facts from around the world, covering topics like food, culture, and science. . Admittedly, its main function is entertainment, but you should still learn something!

3. UnplugTheTV.com

This site is an alternative to TV (and unfortunately, research), hosting random videos on interesting science topics.

4. Sleepyti.me

This website will tell you the best time to go to bed if you have to get up at a certain time – a very useful tool in student life. Taking into account sleep cycles every day, Sleepyti.me can help if you can't get up early in the morning.

5. KeepMeOut.com

If you want to stay away from social media while you're studying or researching, use KeepMeOut to block some distracting websites.

EBIV2. Educational website for students

6. UReddit.com

You may have heard of Reddit, but have you heard of UReddit? UReddit hosts courses and lessons that are created by the community and can help users learn more languages, science, or even PHP programming.

7. EdX.org

EDX is a leading MOOC platform in the world. MOOCs (massive online courses) are freely available to anyone who wants to learn. Other major MOOC providers include: Coursera.org, Udacity.com, and AcademicEarth.org.

EBIV3. Cooking website for students

8. iwowplus.comiwowplus.c

iwowplus.com film reviewinspirational quotes

9. Recipepuppy.com

RecipePuppy allows you to search for recipes based on ingredients you already have at home. Lazy student, enjoyed this.

10. Instructables.com

This is one of the very useful online resources for students if you like to do and fix things yourself. You can learn anything like how to make creamy spaghetti or how to fix a broken shelf.

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