Three misunderstandings in choosing ceramic tiles

Is functional ceramic tile really something?

Antibacterial ceramic tile, sound insulation ceramic tile, heating ceramic tile... Ordinary ceramic tile claims to have special functions such as purifying air, sterilization and antibacterial, health care and tranquilizing, and releasing negative oxygen ions. Editors dare not jump to a conclusion on whether it is true or not, but most sales staff can't get the function and qualification certification of these ceramic tiles.

For ceramic tiles, the testing items listed in the national standard include hardness, water absorption, anti-pollution performance, etc., such as the content of negative ions and titanium ions, and how to detect them? There is no corresponding standard in China. When purchasing ceramic tiles, these items listed in the standard should be the performance indicators of general concern, and other functions need not be realized through ceramic tiles.

Does the radiation of ceramic tile exist?

"Tile radiation, will harm human health", since this sentence in the network outflow, the growing pursuit of health people are very worried: tile radiation is really exist, how much harm to human body?

In fact, whether it is the influence of mineral or processing additives, radiation is inevitable, such as zirconia added to ultra-white polished tiles or uranium and potassium contained in dark glaze. But because the ceramic tile is only the artificial synthesis of natural materials, the amount of radiation is much less than that of natural materials, and its radioactivity is basically kept at a low level. Moreover, the ceramic tile on the market has passed the national radiation standard. As long as the reasonable pavement and attention to ventilation, the health of users will not be endangered.

How to choose thick and thin ceramic tile - how to choose good ceramic tile

Thick ceramic tile has high strength and corrosion resistance. As the ceramic tile is fired at high temperature, the resistance to damage of ceramic tile is much higher than that of stone under the same thickness.

On the other hand, because of its advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection and low production cost, thin ceramic tile has become a major trend in the future. The ceramic tile is thin, which is very beneficial to the sintering performance, and can mass produce products that meet the needs of consumers under the condition of reducing energy consumption and resources. However, the damage resistance and bearing capacity of thin ceramic tiles still need to be improved.

Tile is almost every household must use building materials, in addition to decorative space, practical or the most important. According to the use of demand to choose the corresponding advantage products, can make the purchase of home decoration building materials work with half the effort, at the same time is conducive to choose the most suitable decoration materials for their own home environment.

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