How Small Companies Can Benefit From Mobile App Development India?

Never before have we seen such an overwhelming boom of small business apps than what we are observing now. As the citadel of tech-driven small businesses and startups, India has already come to the forefront in turning mobile apps into its footprints. The Mobile app development India is now primarily engaged in shaping the mobile presence for small businesses and startups. When focusing on the Indian market, even the global tech giants prioritize the wants and preferences of small and medium enterprises across the niches.

As per the statistics published by AppAnnie, as of 2019, India stood globally in the 4th position among the countries with the highest concentration of Android users. There can hardly be any doubt that a considerable portion of these Android users and apps belong to small business apps. Other statistics confirm this. According to Cisco, 30% of the business it gets in India comes from SMEs. Big brands like Google, Microsoft and Amazon continue to focus on the Indian small enterprise market with unperturbed zeal. According to the latest data, more than 26 million small businesses in India have shaped their online presence by using various Google apps, including Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, etc.

What makes small enterprises in India consider mobile apps so crucial for their businesses? Well, the reasons are too many. Mobile apps, apart from allowing exceptional ease of operation, can help a business do growth hacking. From robust mobile branding to delivering customer service, mobile apps play a crucial role for small businesses in some ways.

Let us have a quick look at some of the key ways mobile apps can benefit small businesses.

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