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The Cardinal plans to take the crown from the King, and has already killed the King. He has become a powerful alliance with the dark arts, and the Kingdom appears doomed to fall under his control. There is still hope, though...you!

You are a Bastille prison prisoner. Behind a Iron Mask, you are hidden from the outside world. Your past is unknown but your future is what can stop the Cardinal from destroying it. You must flee, survive, and grow strong. It will take more than one person to accomplish this feat. You'll need to create your army and plan your strategy. Get ready to fight for the Kingdom!

Guns of Glory is the strategy classic that will bring you the next generation of MMO war. You can build your own army or join forces with other players to take down your enemies in GoG's multiplayer mode. You can polish your weapons, improve your strategy, and prepare your army to fight. Protect your castle from enemies.

Buy guns of glory resources

Complete each mission by learning team management and time management. You will need to manage resources to build a strong Estate, and your Zeppelin. This is a real-time battle, and you must build your army to dominate the battlefield. You are the last guardian for the castle. You must get your guns ready to defend the castle with all your might. To train better soldiers and defeat enemy threats, build a camp with several buildings. Priority should be given to the castle.


Strategy Warfare Protect the throne, and the kingdom. Prepare your guns to defend your castle. In this classic kingdom game, you must train an army of Musketeers and manage your resources to raid your enemies.

Amazing Airships For a new level in RTS, you can shoot down your enemies and lead the attack using advanced aircraft. Use guns and muskets to defend the castle!

World War! GoG's multiplayer RTS/RPG gameplay is richer thanks to the seamless chat translation feature. Your empire will be strong. Your brains and guns will help you defend your castle.

MMO World! Guns of Glory brings to life the world of Three Musketeers! This strategy MMORPG is free and features all the action in vivid HD graphics.


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