Real Challenges in Mobile App Development

mobile development

To begin with, it is made up of various processes, none of which can be bypassed. The discovery phase is where you and your development team start molding your idea and forming a detailed description of your future project. The discovery step is critical to a successful mobile application, and if you neglect it, you may wind up with a technology stack that is wrongly selected and a list of unclear needs. As a result, you'll have budget gaps and will have to spend more time and money addressing everything that went wrong.

Designing issues

When working on your project with skilled designers, you can rest assured that they will choose the best design to show the originality of your application. It's not just about having a beautiful UI; it's also about having an intuitive and efficient UX. As a result, the designers will be in charge of navigation, button positioning, and menu section positioning, among other things. They will also choose the color scheme and logo that are the most complimentary. However, issues will inevitably arise even at this level, mainly if you develop an app for Android users. 

What is the reason for this?

Simply put, there are far too many Android smartphones with various screen types and sizes, and the original design concept may appear differently on each of them. And the diversity of Android devices (let's not forget about all those tablets on the market) has produced a vast design issue. When it comes to iOS devices, designing a design for them is easy due to the low number of devices available.

Testing Challenges

On the other hand, testing has several quirks that can affect your app development, mainly if you're working with Android. As previously said, there is a wide range of Android devices on the market, each of which may have its own set of unique settings that cause your program to behave differently. It is hard for developers to cover all existing devices, which is a significant bottleneck in the testing process. As a result, you must be prepared for the appearance of bugs from time to time. This can happen not because the code is faulty or the developers did a poor job but because they did not have the opportunity to test the app on a specific device.

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