A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 17 LIVE RECAP

Teesan is sending Ahri away. Is this the end for Ahri and Yoon? Another trouble in paradise for Jungrok and Minsong. And the Continuing drama of Yisoo and Dojin.TONIGHT LIVE!!!!! CAST: Jang Dong Gun as Kim Do Jin Kim Ha Neul as So Yi Soo Kim Su Ro as Im Tee san Kim Min Jong as Choi Yun(Yoon) Lee Jong Hyuk as Lee Jung Rok Yun See Ya as Hong Se Ra Yun Jin Yi as Im Me Ahri Kim Jong Nan as Park Min Song ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The recap start now Opening scene Teesan, Yoon and Dojin is watching football match with Park Jisong in it. They were talking about Park Jisong when Jungrok come bringing a cake. the cake was a children cake with cartoon character with it. They were talking about the character, Dojin said he like Batman< yoon superman, Teesan Spiderman. Boys will always be Boys Yisoo was waiting for Dojin . Yisoo said she was okay with the fact that dojin had a child. dojin said he can't let yisoo do that. Yisoo said she will do that in the next life, But in this life she can't do that. She took the shoes outand said " wear this shoes when u come to me" Teesan was eating dinner. The, Ahri come and gave him water. teesan remembering the scene when ahri cried heavily in front of Yoon's ex wife picture. Teesan just left his food and go to his room. Ahri asked why he just left. Yoon who was outside the house, thinking wheter he should press the bell or not. Dojin was lying in his room looking at the shoes. then he just lying in his bed wearing the shoes.then he sit in the side of the bed staring at the shoes. Yisoo was drinking yogurt. Sera come and asked if she was on diet eventough she doesn't have boyfriend. Yisoo answered the boyfriend will return to her. sera also told She is back with Teesan. Dojin was preparing coffee when Yoon come from exercising. Dojin said to Yoon that he will come back to Yisoo, saying that he can make her happy. Dojin said to Yoon he also should think about ahri Dojin and teesan was discussing a party held by their company. teesan told him to count Ahri out since she will be busy with something. Dojin told Teesan to give him some opening time to play some drum, since he will invite someone special. In front of school, Yisoo was seeing a bear giving out some ballon. The bear was giving Yisoo a ballon with an invitation. the bear left after giving those, then he was putting his hand in his pocket forgetting that he was on bear's costume. yisoo was wearing a gown for the party. Sera was helping, she herself didn't go in order to prepare for her match so she can get married soon. teesan was going out when ahri start beg him to come together. A message come to Ahri's phone, credit card bill. Teesan was on his nerves, giving AHri ticket and told her to go away from Korea. Dojin was in front waiting for his guest to come. Jungrok, Minsong and Yoon come then dojin left to go back to his work. After the resort chief open the party, Dojin come upfront explaining the project. He saw Yisoo which make him stop for a while. Mingrok who saw Yisoo toast her on her comeback. Yisoo see Dojin walking toward him bringing 2 glass of wine. yisoo deliberately drink from her own glass, Dojin also drink one of the glass. Dojin praise Yisoo for looking so beautiful. Yoon said hello to teesan asking if Ahri can't come because of him. Yoon told Teesan not to worry about them. Ahri called yoon at that time. Teesan told him to accept it since ahri have some word with him. Yisoo see Dojin's shoes. Yisoo asked why he didn't wear the shoes. Dojin asked what shoes, did he buy some shoes. Then he told Yisoo, he lost his memory and also lost his pen. Yisoo asked why he invited her. he said he thought she come because she miss him. Dojin excused himself for his drum performance. Minsong see Jungrok talking with a woman. She asked Jungrok what did they talk about. Jungrok said the woman asked about the parking. Minsong stopped the woman and asked what did they talk about. The woman said park. Jungrok hugged his wife from back, but Minsong just left out of embarrasment. Dojin was performing. But Yisoo just left in the middle of the show. After Dojin finished, he bowed and show the shoes Yisoo gave him. But Yisoo already left. Yisoo who back at her house, crying while packing her clother. She also ignored Dojin's call. Yisoo was driving to the cafe asking the waiter for the video. Yoon was waiting for Ahri in the park while thinking Ahri. Ahri come and saying Teesan told her to go to America. so she want to ask Yoon for the last time, if it's possible between them. Yoon just nod his head. Ahri broke to tears, telling him to catch her But Yoon told her to go and listen to Teesan's word. Ahri said she can't promise she will forget him, but he can forget about her. Yoon was holding his anger and tears in his room thinking about Ahri. Yisoo was drinking soju out of the bottle in a hotel. she open her suitcase and half of it is soju. She opened another bottle and watching the video and sai "is this love, you're joking.." Dojin went to Yisoo's house. he said he was joking with yisoo. Sera called Yisoo and Yisoo said she was in farewell trip in the lake. Dojin went after Yisoo. he saw her car parked out of line. Dojin just smiled seeing that. But since the receptioninist didn't tell him Yisoo's room number (even after showing Yisoo's picture in his wallet), Dojin just waiting in the lobby. Finally, Yisoo checked out in the morning. But one man was meeting her in the lobby and accompanying her then drive her Dojin who saw that just followed her from behind. Yisoo's car stopped in the park, then she paid the man . It was replacing driver. Yisoo got called from Ahri. Ahri asked how do u know if love ends. Yisoo said " you too",ahri said" but i can't believe it" Yisoo asked " are u crying, your heart is fulled, and miss him, they said farewell is beautiful, but it's not" yisoo hung up the phone, Dojin surprised her from back. Yisoo fell to the ground and said i drink too much that halusinate. Dojin give his hand then pull Yisoo up. Dojin said ' i'm dojin with 19 years old son. If you will accept me, will u date me" Yisoo said "i will not do that, i will live alone" Yisoo turned her back and see Dojin's shoes. Dojin told him, he was joking and he was going to show the shoes after the show. Yisoo was crying out fo frustration. Dojin just hugged her and said sorry. Dojin pinched his nose and asked how much Yisoo drank. yisoo said she drank because of him. Dojin said something else, but Yisoo just told him to shut up. Minsong was getting out of the cinic, after asking about her probabilty to getting pregnant. Seeing Minsong who come out with sad expression. Jungrok just said and hugged her. Minsong told him, the doctor told her to have hope. Jungrok said not to chase him out, then they can have baby. Minsong said she didn't hate him anymore, Jungrok said he isn't scared of her. Jungrok just hug Minsong and pat her back. Teesan and Sera was having dinner. Teesan just stare blankly. Sera asked what problem. Teesan said family problem, he will tell her after they get married. sera said she will return some his money because she sell her house. Teesan give her her car key back, but Sera refused it and just ask for support. Dojin and Yisoo arrived in Yisoo's room. Yisoo asked Dojin to pat her to sleep. Dojin was hugging her until she fell asleep. They both fell asleep. Yisoo who wake up and surprised finding Dojin. Yisoo was embarrassed and pretend to still asleep. Dojin said he know she already woke up. He said just pretend to sleep if she's embarassed. Yisoo pretend to sleep. Dojin hugged her from back. He said sorry and will stop saying sorry. He also said " I love you" he said he has to go, change and go to office. Dojin woke up, Yisoo who thought Dojin already gone , get up and said "i'm crazy, alcohol smell while back hugging" Dojin who hasn't left just smiled. Yisoo who embarassed just pretend go back to sleep. Sera come to Yisoo's room and told her she already sell the house. In the office, the staff asked what good thing happen. But Dojin just told them personal, and asked where is Teesan. teesan was out of town for business. Ahri carry bag to Jungrok tell him to take it to Teesan Teesan go to biz trip without packing. Jungrok went to see Teesan. He asked the reason why Teesa was so against Yoon. Teesan know that Yoon was also in love . Ahri was sitting while looking at her couple bracelet.Yoon aslo did the same. Dojin went to see Collin who was playing guitar . dojin told Collin that he was seeing his teacher. he congratulate him, and said he feel sorry for him. dojin said it was not because of him. Collin said he can tell him if he want him to leave. But Dojin said that will not happen. Dojin was comforting Collin who was crying hearing the words. Dojin and Yisoo was on a date. they were holding hand and then improved to holding hip. Dojin said let's go to holiday. Yisoo said Dojin is back. Ahri called teesan saying she will go now, teesan said did she pack and call taxi. Ahri said sorry to upset him, and let's meet next time on airport when picking her up with smile. Teesan said ok and hung up. Ahri sent message to yisoo. saying she is in airport and will go to america. Ahri asked Yisoo to tell yoo 2 months again if he ask about her news, telling him she alreasy meet cool handsome. Ahri who was ready to depart surprised when Yoon catch her hand and took her out. Ahri said "if my brother know" with worry, But yoon just hug her. The end next episode preview. dojin was helping yisoo painting some room. they end up kissing. Yoon took ahri back. Teesan was upset and said two of them is no one to him. he said he didn't trust ahri but he trust Yoon. Minsong saw Jungrok 's car which was printed with motel's entrace window. She asked Jungrok about that. Can't wait for tomorrow

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