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Microsoft Customer Service

If you still need help with your purchase, select the phone number below for your region.

Get help signing in and managing Office apps or a Microsoft 365 subscription. Learn about renewal, sharing, switching, canceling a subscription, Office for the web, and what version of Office you're using.

Get help with Outlook. Includes information on calendars, mobile settings, adding a signature, and more.

Explore the support options offered by the Microsoft Store in your region. Find help with Microsoft Store purchases, including order history, refunds, payment options, and other billing issues.

Find, lock, or erase a lost or stolen Windows 10 device, schedule a repair, and get support.

I bought Microsoft Windows 10. Time and time again it is getting corrupted. He had uploaded a ticket with Microsoft. The agent investigates the problem and reinstalls Windows 10, but unfortunately cannot open my PC since ... it is very pathetic the way I am dealing with the serious system problem involving Windows 10. They say it is a version above, which is not receiving updates. , causing all the trouble. My question is why was the older version of Windows 10 offered when I bought it and it hasn't been a year since you are buying and it has warranty coverage. It is a defective product that they sold me.

What kinds of problems can Microsoft technical support solve?

Microsoft technical support can help with most consumer problems, including answering questions about product and service configuration, product and service update, and correct operation.

Additionally, technical support can run diagnostics on systems and software and inform consumers if they will need to return an item or send it to an authorized repair center.

Microsoft customer service can also help with problems related to purchasing products and services, including subscriptions to the company's software products.

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