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When it comes to choosing a supplier for our energy needs, price and quality of service are the two most looked upon aspects of a service provider. These two will dictate your choices and will either seal or break the deal. Excellent customer service is always a good selling point for any company. It's just common sense.

The natural gas market is highly dependent on supply and demand. Energy is finite and there are only a few existing alternatives for natural gas, fuel for heating and electricity generation in this world. Better keep your eyes open for any news on the increase or decrease in prices as these will definitely affect your next bill. Especially in the winter where everyone wants to stay warm and cozy indoors, which leads to a higher demand for gas supply.

There are two ways to go around paying for your gas: fixed or variable. Fixed prices, as the name goes, means you pay the same amount each month. An advantage is that you are, in a way, not affected by the fluctuations in price. Your company will still provide you with your needs even if you are paying less for the actual price of the gas you consume. Disadvantage is, when the prices do go down, you are actually paying more for your gas. So it's a give-and-take kind of deal. For variable pricing, you pay what the market tells you to pay for your gas supply. If demand is low this month, you'll pay less. If it's up, you pay more. Expect some drastic changes in prices every now and then.

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Other than price, quality of service is also a main reason why you choose a certain service provider. Stories about freak accidents, houses with leaky gas pipes and faulty valves blowing up pop-up every now and then. Your supplier should have scheduled inspections of the pipes in your house and your neighborhood. They should also be quick to respond to any safety concerns, from noisy pipes to your house smelling like gas. Also monitor your gas usage by checking your meter each month and see if everything is exact on your bill. Your supplier should be able to resolve complaints and disputes immediately. Review your contract before going in one; but if you can, skip the contract altogether. A contract only binds you and when things go south, you're stuck.

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