5 Qualities for a Great Website

Today we are going all about how to make your website the highest quality possible. This is because for two reasons the first reason is for your customer because they are the ones going to use your website and generate revenue for you.

The next reason is for google and other search engines because without optimizing your website for google you can hardly get your website rank and generate revenue. Go basically you want google to know your website is of high quality as well. So let’s see what are the must-have qualities for your website:

Use Images and videos

According to search metrics, the top rank pages in any given search has roughly seven images and that’s no accident. As we know images keep users more engaged and also make concepts easier to understand. For most people who come into your site roughly 80% are going to see the images rather than reading your content because it is easier to grasp everything about the article. Videos are even better because it is going to keep your visitor more engaged in your website. It is a strong signal for Google that people are coming to your site and engaging with the content that will signal for Google to rank your website on the top page.

Deep Relevant content

Google is really moving to understand the overall topics and contents rather than just keywords on the page. They really want to cover your topic in-depth enough to make it really relevant and authoritative and they are going to reward the deeper content with higher content. So stuffing your keywords doesn’t work with Google anymore. Visitors also won't really good content which will automatically make them stick with the website.

Scannable web formatting

Most of the people coming to your site are going to scan your content. They are not going to read your content. So, developing your website in such a format that helps to stick with your website visitors for a longer time will certainly turn them into your customer. It is also a signal for Google that helps to rank into the top page of google.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

One of the most important for a good website is that your website must be optimized for your mobile devices. Most people surf your website through smartphones, so if it’s not the case roughly around half of your website visitors are going back. This is a bad signal for the search engine. So during the time of web design, you must be careful to optimize for your website.


Security is one of the major concerns for web visitors. You need to follow the security guidelines and install them into your website otherwise it will, directly and indirectly, harm your site. You must ensure that the website uses SSL encryption and password reset should be strong in your website.

These were some of the qualities of a website. Check out web design in Nepal for building your website.

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