Finger Food: Breakfast Burrito Bites

Some mornings your kids just need a little something small, right? These mini breakfast burritos are perfect for those kids who don’t like to eat breakfast, yet you want to get a little healthy food in their bellies. 5e drow names

Eating breakfast can help prevent those moody fits caused by low blood sugar.

(and what I mean by moody is being 10 and crying because you miss a stuffed animal you lost over 4 years ago).

So, the concept is easy enough. We

§ sautéed some peppers.

§ Cooked an egg.

§ Rolled it in a whole wheat tortilla

§ And cut cross-ways like sushi.


§ 3 TBL chopped bell peppers

§ 1 tsp. olive oil, or spray pan with non stick cooking spray

§ 3 eggs (whipped slightly in a bowl)

§ 1 TBL. water

§ 2 (8 inch) Whole wheat tortillas

Cook peppers with oil or cooking spray. Remove peppers from pan. Cook egg/water mixture over hot skillet, without scrambling them. Move egg inward to cook although through, and flip, so you have a large “fried egg”. Cut in half. Place one egg on each tortilla. Add peppers to the center of your tortilla and roll up.

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