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YES! You read it right. Schulman Bhattacharya has the solution to solve any commercial disputes even without going to court. This is a method that is applied by professional lawyers.

There is a Three Method to solve any dispute without going to court:-

1. Mediation

Schulman Bhattacharya

2. Arbitration

In this method, two parties agree on a settlement contract. Where two parties sign the contract of settlement. Schulman Bhattacharya has applied that method in some of his cases. Arbitration is the solution where two parties may be agreed on the contract note.

3. Informal Negotiation

In Informal Negotiation two parties try to resolve disputes with the help of a third party. This method is often used by professional lawyers.

Having any disputes not good for anyone if you get it solved without going to any court that would be better for both parties.

Even though if you wouldn't be able to resolve your disputes then You can contact professional lawyer Schulman Bhattacharya he has vast experience in Dispute cases. He also has an experienced team as well as capable enough to get good results in court.

If you have any dispute which is giving you problem in your businesses.

Then, An experienced team has been looking forward to handling your case.

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