sliding sash windows

What is double-glazing of windows?

double-glazed sash windows

Benefits of double glazed windows

Double glazed windows provide a European aesthetic to the house, giving it a rich appeal. Some of the advantages associated with double-glazing of windows are,

1.Facilitates energy efficiency

Double-glazing ensures heat remains trapped inside the house, letting only minimal heat escape the property. Due to the feature, houses can remain heated for a long duration in winters without switching to heaters and other electrical appliances. The heat efficiency helps in reducing electricity bills for consumers.

2.Noise cancellation

sliding sash windows


double glazed sash windows

4.Increased resale value

Houses with sash windows can fetch a better resale price because of the heavy investment procured in the installation. Further, people also consider the aesthetic value of such sophisticated structures while analyzing the final price. A well-insulated house is a major priority for many people. It requires a lot less maintenance and reduces the overall electricity bill.


Sliding sash windows

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