The Importance of the Moon in Astrology

Mind is connected with the moon, and the moon is associated with the operation of the mind. The moon is said to be in charge of mental capacity and flexibility. It is also thought to enhance meditation, focus, and resistance to cold illnesses. In Vedic astrology, the Moon is known as CHANDRA. CHANDRA means "bright and brilliant".

SOMA is another name for the Moon, and it refers to the intoxicating sacred wine used in Vedic sacrifice. Whereas all westerners are aware of their Sun sign, all Hindus are aware of their Moon sign, as the Moon and its birth sign are significant in Hindu astrology and culture.

Moon's significance in Vedic astrology:

Vedic culture

Characteristics of the Moon:

The Moon is a karaka of many things. He is a sign of the mother and females in general, the general public, general pleasure and well-being, femininity and beauty, eyesight, memory, and the mind. Many western astrology students are surprised to learn that the Moon, not Mercury, represents the mind. The Sun is the soul's indication, and the Moon is the mind's vehicle for receiving the soul's light. Mercury is the next step in the process, which is the intellect, which assigns value to the information acquired by the mind.

The Moon, as mind, represents all of the senses and their ability to experience life in all of its glory. Mercury is a further distillation and conceptualization of that process, as well as its ultimate intellectualization in making a decision. In the 4th House, the Moon is most at ease and strong; she also enjoys the angles.

The Moon is very favorable to the ascendants of the aquatic signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Her nature is KAPHA, which means "watery." Moonstone and Natural Pearls are her precious stones. Her metal is silver, and her compass is set to the northwest. The Moon is in charge of an individual's mood or mentality. In Vedic astrology, the individual's Rashi is the house where the moon is located in the horoscope. A person is fascinated by the qualities of his or her horoscope home. In human friendships, Rashi plays a significant part. People with the same Rashi have a strong understanding of each other. Monday is the Moon's day. At the age of 24, the Moon reaches full maturity. The Moon, or CHANDRA, is portrayed as a male in Vedic mythology.

CHANDRA is a loving and kind God. Children and the elderly alike find it charming, and it appeals to everyone regardless of the onlooker's religion. In Chandra, sages and followers pray to the Goddess Mother and meditate for hours.

Worship of this graha is supposed to provide comfort from all grief, as well as aid in the treatment of mental illnesses. His calming beams spread joy across the room. He is enamored by Lord Siva's head.

Cold, cough, fever, eye illnesses, insanity, paralysis, epilepsy, hysteria, colic pains, beriberi, intestinal disorders, throat difficulties, bronchitis, dysentery, neurosis, typhoid, and cancer are all caused by an afflicted, debilitated, banished, or weak Moon.

Moon organs: The left nostril, vision, breasts, and brain are all ruled by the moon (memory).

The Moon's natural allies are the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter, while its natural foes are Mercury, Venus, and Saturn.

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